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Name Mode No. Description Size Printing Graphic Size Net Wt. / PC Qty / CTN Gr. Wt. / CTN Carton Size Volume / CTN
(cm) (cm) (kg) (pcs) (kg) (cm) (m3)
Spring Pop up stand PM-2P-1 With canvas soft case (no inner),not including spotlight,All in one ,flat / curved 3x3 70x231x3pcs+67x231x2pcs (curved) 23 1 24 45*45*88 0.313
PM-2P-2 4x3 70x231x4pcs+67x231x2pcs (curved) 23 1 24 45*45*88 0.313
PM-2P-3 With Iarge plastic hard case ,including 2 spotlights,All in one ,flat / curved 3x3 75x231x3pcs+67x231x2pcs (flat) 23 1 40 71*44*100 0.313
PM-2P-4 4x3 75x231x4pcs+67x231x2pcs (flat) 23 1 40 71*44*100 0.313

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